Why Choose CACI?

With a reputation built over the past two decades, CACI is a brand you can trust to deliver quality, reliability and performance. Choosing CACI International gives you the comfort and peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing your treatment system from a long established UK equipment manufacturer.

When you buy from CACI International, you buy more than just a treatment system, you become part of a winning team and share in the success of the CACI brand name.

As the most publicised equipment brand on the market, CACI systems have a proven track record for generating fantastic revenue.

CACI treatments will not only appeal to your existing client base but will also enable you to attract new clients.

A CACI system really is a must have purchase for any beauty business serious about generating substantial additional income.

PR & Marketing

Regular magazine articles, newspaper features and television coverage has generated unprecedented consumer awareness of the CACI brand.

CACI International is committed to investing in PR & Marketing activities to continually promote the effectiveness of our treatment technologies.

Our growing list of celebrity clients ensures that CACI treatments continue to attract regular media attention.

Before & After

Results after a course of twelve treatments using CACI Microcurrent technology.