The professional wax for professional results at home.....


*Removes hair as short as 1mm (less than 1/16"
*Great for Brazilian and facial waxing
*Be Hair free for 4-8 weeks
*Soothing and conditioning with Apricot Oil, Camomile and Jasmine. 
Perfect for travelling or between waxing treatments.
Lycon at home hot waxing kit with chamomile and apricot oils contains:
  • Lycotane Skin Cleanser with chamomile and jasmine
  • Pre and Post wax oil with tea tree, lavender and chamomile
  • 200g of Lycon Apricot hot wax
  • 3 large Spatulas
  • 3 small spatulas
  • Instructions
Please follow instructions carefully.

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Pink Wax-Cellence Kit

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