Our Story

As with any success story, the driving force behind Teaser is the people. We are three Womenpreneurs with different backgrounds and experience but sharing same values and vision for the company. We take our business very seriously and it’s important for us to have a good balance for professional & family life.

It all began when we realised some of the best professional and home-care beauty products weren’t available in Switzerland. We just had to change that!

In Spring 2012 we introduced Lycon wax with a 2-week tour of Switzerland by Lydia Jordane, CEO and Founder of Lycon Cosmetics, who created the famous wax in 1978. We led seminars and training sessions and the interest in Lycon was huge. Teaser was born!

2015 - Mine.Tan and Famous Names with IBX System is introduced.

2016 - CACI Systems are launched in Geneva and Zurich

We promise our clients only the best and that is our mission. 

We are

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