Who We Are 

Famous Names LLC was founded in 2010 by Linda and Jim Nordstrom, who have spent their entire professional careers in the Professional Beauty Industry. The company is dedicated to creating best in class nail care products and sells only to Nail Professionals. Its brands include TheIB X System©, Dadi' Oil®, Lumos® Top and Bottom Coats and Vamoos™ Lite Remover Wraps. For a product to be a “FAMOUS NAME”, it must be the best in class. We are committed to our partnership with the Nail Professional. Your industry is our industry–let's make it the best it can be together! 

Linda Nordstrom 

Over 30 years of experience in the professional nail and beauty industry. After starting her career as a successful salon owner, Linda became an educator and advocate for nail technicians worldwide. As Co-founder of Famous Names Products, she leads global marketing and education strategy; moreover, she still finds time to be a tireless and supportive daily resource for Famous Names' network of raving and enthusiastic nail technicians. Linda loves to spend her time in the trenches with nail techs. 

Jim Nordstrom 

Jim has been a leader in the professional nail and beauty industry for 30 years. In 1979, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, Jim, and his two siblings began CND™ (Creative Nail Design) out of their family garage.  Jim was CEO and Chairman of CND for over 17 years where the philosophy was simple: “Listen to your customer!” This has always been Jim's motto as he has gone forth with other ventures in the beauty industry.  In 2004, he went to work for one of the largest distributors in the US, serving as both Board Member and COO. He is currently in a partnership with the UK-based distributor Sweet Squared. Having spent significant time in the field, Jim truly relates to the “real world” of the nail professional.